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Modification Options

Our scope of works can be broken down into three main categories, reflecting the different stages and needs of different clients.

• Minor Modifications (normally 1 day)
• Major Modifications
• New Homes

Home Modification refers to assistance with modifications and repairs to the homes, gardens and yards of frail older people, younger people with a disability or their carer to help them live independently and safely in the home.

This might mean adding assistive technology such as mechanical lifts or making structural changes to a home. Modifications can range from replacing cabinet doorknobs with pull handles to full scale construction projects installing wheelchair ramps, widening doorways or bathroom modifications.

The Benefits

Accessibility; making doorways wider, clearing spaces to make sure a wheelchair can pass through, hobless showers, lowering countertop heights for sinks and kitchen cabinets, installing grab rails and placing light switches and electrical outlets at heights that can be reached easily.

Adaptability; grab rails on bathroom walls and moveable cabinets under the sink so that someone in a wheelchair can use the space.

Universal design; appliances, fixtures and floor plans that are easy to use. Flexible to be adapted for special needs, sturdy and reliable, and functional with minimum effort and understanding of the mechanisms involved.

Types of Works

The best way to identify the need for the home modifications is to examine each area of the home and consider how safe and accessible each area is for the resident;

• Appliances, kitchen and bathrooms

• Closets and storage spaces

• Doors and windows

• Driveway and garage

• Electrical devices, switches and outlets

• Floors, hallways, steps and stairs

• Lighting and ventilation

Minor Modifications Major Modifications New Homes
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