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New Homes


Custom homes built to improve the clients complete quality of life.

These are generally customised in layout and designed specifically around the client and their individual requirements. Working privately with you, alongside Occupational Therapists, Architects and Project Managers to design a home that is tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. This includes the creation of architectural drawings and floor plans with a focus on ergonomics and the overall look of the property.


2013 will see the unveiling of a very unique and practical home for tomorrow.

Designed to make life easier for everybody not only the elderly and disabled. We have taken some of the most innovative and practical products from leading suppliers to make a family friendly home that is fully adaptable for an aging population through to those with disabilities.

The core criteria of the project was centered on longer independent living. Following some of the build for life guide lines, and using our experience and knowledge from within the industry, we have created a low maintenance, easy to maintain home that has an adaptable floor plan and layout that can be altered to suit individual requirements.

New Homes Basic Plan

The Key features include;

Motorized bench tops
Motorized bench tops that can alter bench height from as low as 650mm up to 950mm. This makes it easy for all people to work comfortably eliminating sore backs from leaning over or over stretching from been to low.

Automated doors, and lighting
Ideal for hands free access.

Motorized overhead cupboards
Motorized overhead cupboards that make those hard to reach shelves up the top far more accessible and usable. This achieved by lowering units down to just above bench height.

Easy clean and maintain bathrooms and kitchens
Big and bright bathrooms that are easy to maneuver around, easy to clean and don’t look like a hospital!

Low maintenance gardens
Beauty without the constant upkeep, low maintenance plants and garden structures that look inviting.

Easy use taps and handles
Quality flick mixers for easy use or sensor taps for touch free washing.

Elimination of trip hazards around the home
Consisting of wide easy access doorways, with level floors and ramps.
New Homes Floor Plan

South View

Modern design and styling privides a visually pleasing and welcoming home.
New Homes Elevation South

East View

Light weight construction provides 6 star energy efficiency.
New Homes Elevation East
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