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Minor Modifications

Minor Modifications


We construct minor modifications to improve your daily tasks.

These are generally, but not limited to one-day jobs or less, incorporating the installation of fixtures or fittings to assist in the daily tasks that may be becoming challenging or a safety issue. Common things like: grab rails in bathrooms, toilets and other areas around the home, ramps installed instead of stairs, protected all weather access, door handles and tap wear conversion to lever style and mixers.

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Ramps and inclined walkways offer an easily accessible means of traversing relatively small changes in floor levels

• They reduce potential tripping hazards and falls

• They allow easier access for both able body and disabled.

• They should have a maximum gradient of 1:14

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All Weather Access

Provide year round weather protection from the elements. Generally trans versing from vehicles to residence.

• They provide safe dry travel areas

• They reduce potential slipping hazards

• They provide a feeling of security and independence

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Grab Rails

Grab rails can make life easier for people to negotiate changes in floor level, to move between sitting and standing and to maintain their balance.

• They provide something solid to lean on for balance

• They provide assistance in raising or lowering themselves

• They should  comply with Australian Standard AS1428.1

• They should withstand 1100N or 110Kg 

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Tap Wear

Its essential taps are easy to use; people with a weak grip will have difficulty using old or standard knob shaped taps. Mixers or lever style taps are more easily used.

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